Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set for Women

Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set for Women

If your searching for that perfect present to give to someone special, check out this all natural Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set for Women and Men too.

5 All Natural gifts, compliments of Mother Earth include:
1) Deep Cleansing Cream - made from Chamomile and soap Bark w/ Aloe gently cleans and softens.
2) Hand Salve - from natural botanical herbs, oils, and beeswax give super-rough hands that pampered feeling.
3) Body Lotion – with coconut & grape seed oils, vitamin E, Milk & Honey nourish the skin.
4) Coconut Foot Cream – formulated with Rosemary Extract to refresh and revive tired feet.
5) Lip Balm – made with all-natural Beeswax to hydrate and revitalize dry lips.

This thoughtfully assembled Introductory Burt’s Bees gift Set is makes an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays, or everyday occasions and a perfect way to introduce someone special to the many benefits of Burt's Bees Natural Products.

What makes this 5 Piece Burt’s Bees gift Set so attractive is the all-out quality of the products and the very modest price.

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