How to Make a 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

How to Make a 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree CardLearning How to Make a 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card is a fun project for both kids and adults. It’s easy and very inexpensive and is a productive activity that will produce attractive handmade 3D Christmas Cards that your family and friends will appreciate.

You may already have the necessary tools and materials on hand - Colored Card Stock, Glue Stick, Small Paper Stars, and Scissors. I will provide a link to Amazon for your convenience.

Simply follow the easy instructions in the Video Tutorial or the detailed written instructions below.

Supplies Needed

Colored Card Stock
Paper Star Punch Set
Glue Stick

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1) To start fold a piece of Green Colored Card Stock Lengthwise as shown in the Video. Then, fold each edge to the center keeping it parallel to the crease. This will create (4) equal size panels.

Step 2) Now, were going to start with one side and fold each of the (4) panels in halve so that each crease folds to the opposite direction, like the bellows of an accordion, to produce (8) panels.

Step 3) Next step is to fold the (8) panels in half in opposite directions, just like in step 2, so you end up with (16) equal size panels.

Step 4) Cut the folded piece of paper into (7) different length pieces, with each piece progressively smaller than the previous. You can gauge it by eye or take the time to measure each one. They don’t have to be perfect.

Step 5) Select a Brown Color piece of paper and cut it in approximately 1/3 sections and fold as shown in the video. This piece will become the Trunk of your 3D Christmas Tree. You only need the one piece, but save your other pieces for another card.

Step 6) Select another colored sheet of paper that will be your Cover of your 3D Pop Up Christmas Card, and Fold in half as shown.

Step 7) Take your (7) Like colored folded pieces and apply glue to one end of each piece, using only a little dab. Locate each piece starting with the smallest and apply it next to the fold crease in the Cover (Make sure you orient it as shown in the video) spacing each of the pieces equally. When you have each piece in place use a ruler laid across all 7 pieces and press down to ensure they all stick, and to compress them as short as possible for the next step.

Step 8) Dab glue on the opposite side of the (7) folded pieces and with a little bit of assistance from your one hand compress the pieces while folding the other half of the Cover over, compressing it so as to make the glue stick.

Step 9) Grab the Single folded piece and apply glue to both ends and attach lengthwise beneath the longest folded Green piece.

Step 10) Sort out approx. 8 to 10 different colored Small Paper Stars and apply glue to one side, sticking them randomly on the inside of the card Cover to suit. NOTE: The best source for colored Paper Stars is to make them yourself with an inexpensive punch set (See Link.)

Congratulations, you have just made your first 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card. What a wonderful way to show someone special how much you care. Use your imaginations to create different and beautiful handmade 3D Pop Up Christmas Cards. More 3D Pop Up Christmas Card Designs are available at .

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