How to Make a Christmas Decoration DIY

How to Make a Christmas Decoration DIYHere is a great way to spend some quality time at home during that special time of year when you learn how to Make a Christmas Decoration DIY.

The Christmas season hectic and stressful shopping for a tree, gifts, and ornaments in the crowded malls. This simple DIY project is easy, yet, rewarding while spending quality time with family.

With just a little practice you will be making Christmas Decorations that the whole family will appreciate. Watch this Tutorial Video and follow the detailed written step-by-step instructions below and enjoy.

You will need some Plain or Colored Paper, Scissors, and Stick Glue to complete this project.

Supplies Needed

Multi-Color Construction Paper
Glitter Glue Set
Glue Stick

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1) Fold sheet of paper so that both 90 degree sides are equal length.

Step 2) Trim excess so you end up with an equilateral triangle, as shown in the video.

Step 3) Fold triangle in half again tip to tip so there are four layers of paper.

Step 4) Make four equally spaced cuts to within about 1 1/2" inches from the opposite side.

Step 5) Now, unfold the sheet and spread it on the table as shown.

Step 6) Grab the Glue Stick and dab a thin layer on one of the small center corners, then fold the two corners to form a tube, overlapping the corners and sticking them together.

Step 7) Flip the paper over to the opposite side, and moving outward to the next set of corners and repeat the process.

Step 8) Continue to work your way outward, flipping the sheet each time until each set of corners has been glued.

That's all there is to making a do it yourself DIY Christmas Ornament. Experiment using different colored paper. You can add glitter or glue-on stars or other Christmas shapes.

Use new or old left over wire Christmas Tree Ornament Hangers to hang your Ornament from your Christmas Tree.

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