How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament from Paper DIY

How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament from Paper DIYDecorating the Christmas tree is a wonderful experience that was meant to be shared by the whole family. Commercial ornaments look pretty but they don’t have the same special effect that an Ornament that has been lovingly hand crafted. A homemade DIY Ornament captures an important part of the Christmas Spirit, especially when it is a family project, and a unique way to make use of those old Christmas Cards that most of us find difficult to throw away.

Here is a simple, easy to follow tutorial of How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament from Paper, with a Video and written Step-by-step instructions.

Supplies Needed

Fiskars 3 in. Large Lever Paper Circle Punch
Arts and Crafts Hot Melt Glue Gun
VENCINK Genuine Bone Folder for Paper Crafts Scoring Folding Creasing Scrapbooking Tool for DIY
10” of ¼” wide Gift Wrap Ribbon per Decoration
Old Christmas Cards or Gift Boxes

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1) Punch out 16 Circles plus a couple extra in case of mistake.

Step 2) Using your Bone Folder, fold each Circle in half with the printed side inside. Make sure you have a sharp crease.

Step 3) Now, simply glue each Half Circle to another until you have glued all 16 halves as shown in the video.

Step 4) When you have glued all halves together, apply a generous amount of glue to about 1” of the crease while you squeeze the halves together and place your ribbon loop ends in the glue.

Step 5) Glue the first half circle with the last half circle to complete your Paper Christmas Tree Ornament.

Congratulations! Wasn’t that easy and fun! Try experimenting with 10 or 12 circles for a different look. This Christmas season, ask your family and friends to save their old cards for you. Not only is this a fun project for the family, but it’s a nice project for those who are confined to a nursing home or other facility to help them feel productive and celebrate the season. Merry Christmas!

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