How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree DIY

How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree DIYWhat a great pastime for the kids or adults when you learn How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree, DIY by following this VIDEO Tutorial and written detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Paper crafted Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way to do something fun and constructive at home during that special time of year. It seems like Christmas has become so commercialized we forget the reason for the season. There was a time when all Christmas Decorations were made by hand - a time past when spending time home, with family was a time of sharing and love.

Making Paper Christmas Decorations as an excellent way to get the kids away from their smartphone and computer and learn how to use their hands and some basic materials and tools to create something real instead of virtual

Supplies Needed

Colored Card Stock
1/4" Hole Puncher
Stick Glue
Paper Craft Star

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1) Grab some Green Colored Card Stock paper (A4 Size is perfect,) Glue Stick or White Glue, a Hole Puncher, Sting, Star Tree Topper w/ String.

Step 2) Lay the sheet of paper on the table and make One Inch Wide Accordion Folds across the full length of paper. In other words, fold one 1” panel one direction and the next 1” panel the opposite direction.

Step 3) Your paper should look like a closed paper fan when all folded and pushed down.

Step 4) Using your Hole Puncher, punch a hole at one end through the full thickness of all the folds.

Step 5) Glue the Last folded panel to the Opposite end, forming a tube.

Step 6) Thread a piece of string through all the holes until you have made the full circle, back to your starting point.

Step 7) Draw the string tight enough that the top of the folded paper tube closes, but not so tight that it crushes or deforms the paper folds. Tie a bow with the two ends to tie it off. This will cause the top to close and the bottom to flare giving the paper the appearance of a Christmas Tree.

Step 8) Top it off with the Star Tree Topper or other suitable paper craft Christmas Tree Topper available at your local hobby store or Amazon. Or, make the star yourself.

Now that you’ve got your feet wet, try some DIY Christmas Tree and Ornament projects. There are so many different designs and patterns you can use, or create your own design.

The important thing is to enjoy the project and spend time with your family.

Merry Christmas!

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