How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas CardIf you have ever wanted to learn How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Card this brief 9 min. Video and detailed instructions below will show you exactly how, step-by-step!

Handmade Pop-Up Christmas Cards are a wonderful way to tell someone how special they are and wish them Merry Christmas at the same time.

Store-bought Pop Up Cards can be expensive, especially if your Christmas Card list is long. With just a few inexpensive items, and a few minutes of enjoyable work you can save yourself some time and money and have some fun.

Many FREE patterns are available to choose from. This tutorial will walk you through this relatively easy Pop-Up Card Design to get you familiar with the process.

Supplies Needed

65 lb. White Card Stock
65 lb. Colored Card Stock
Hobby Knife
Glue Stick
Glitter Glue Set

Step by Step Instructions

- Step 1) Download the Pattern HERE , and PRINT pattern. It helps if you have a color printer. For best results use 65 lb. White Card Stock for the Pop-Up area and Colored Card Stock for the card cover.

- Step 2) Cut through all the Solid Lines as shown in the Video. Use an inexpensive Hobby Knife for best results (Be Careful). A single-edge razor blade will work although you lack the control with a Hobby Knife. This can be done free-hand but any straight edge such as a thin ruler will help keep cuts straight.

- Step 3) Lightly cut the Red and Blue Lines to make folding easier. The results should look like the white sheet of paper in the Video.

- Step 4) Gently push out the cut pattern from the back side, manipulating the paper to cause a crease at the top of each slit and at the bottom, until the figure stands out from the page as shown in the Video.

- Step 5) Select a sheet of Colored Card Stock. Find the exact center by measuring or by using a pattern and score (Slightly Cut) it with your Hobby Knife to enable it to fold clean without wrinkling the paper.

- Step 6) Using a Glue Stick dab on some glue on the back of your cut white card stock. 3 or 4 dabs on each side is all that’s necessary.

- Step 7) Using a Glitter Glue set, select a color to your taste and decorate the card as shown in the Video.

- Step 8) Use an Ear Swab saturated in glue to write a message, and then sprinkle on the glitter.

Congratulations, that’s all there is too it! With just a little bit of practice, don’t be surprised if Hallmark comes knocking on your door!

Using these basic instructions you can make many different designs by simply Googling “FREE Pop-Up Christmas Card Patterns.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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